Financial Solutions

Benefits of our financing options

If you decide not to buy your photovoltaic solar energy system in cash, we have solar financing options with a $ 0 initial solar loan or a solar lease / PPA can help you use solar energy and save money on your bill electrical

We have different options for our clients, such as:

* Cash
* Solar loan
* Rental: Lease agreements or PPA.

Our sales representatives will recommend them when it is the best option for them, according to their current credit situation and some variables such as: Monthly energy savings after the installation of the systems, etc.

Finally, we have partnered with the best financial institutions in the solar energy industry to solve their needs, no matter what it is: Clients with good credit / Bad Credit. We have all the solutions designed just for you.

Remember, if you obtain our systems, you will get a Tax Credit of up to 30% of the investment in solar energy.