How our solar services work

Solarium Energy Process

1.- Evaluation, Analysis and Design

1.1 Evaluation of the current electrical system, verifying the actual consumption of electricity against the consumption paid, the existence of energy leaks in the system and the consumption of electricity detailed by article.

1.2 Analysis and feasibility study, it is determined if the project is viable from several points: Economic, that is to say that the investment and the demand that the system requires are balanced, a financial model is made. Physical, the place for the installation of the photovoltaic system is adequate, otherwise, what adjustments should be made and the type of support to be used.

1.3 Design of the Photovoltaic Solar System, the technology to be used and the installation project.

2.- Installation

2.1 To ensure quality in the process, the components used in Solarium Energy photovoltaic solar systems are state-of-the-art technology, the logistics and the required connections are carried out with a team of certified and high-level professionals.

2.2 We provide advice on the necessary procedures with the public service company and the installation of the system (Residential / Business) with the connections of the public service system.

2.3 The release of the system is carried out by means of a protocol to release tests to the system to ensure that everything works to its maximum potential.

3.- Monitoring, Operation and Maintenance

3.1 The philosophy of Solarium Energy, is to always provide the necessary support and be together with our clients from the evaluation, analysis and design of the system until it is operating, that is why a package of preventive and corrective quarterly maintenance is offered, semiannual and annual as required. These technical visits are essential to ensure that the performance of the system is in optimal conditions and the performance is always maximized.

At Solarium Energy, we work with leading Tier1 equipment from Bloomberg, which focuses on evaluating manufacturers for the criteria of financial stability, annual production, annual sales, and other efficient parameters of credibility in the world market. Well, the panels have a guarantee of up to 30 years, and Bloomberg will tell us which are reliable companies for long-term projects and which are not. In the case of Solarium Energy, we recommend the world's leading suppliers of renewable energy technologies.

Solarium Energy takes you by the hand throughout the process, and to enjoy the SUN, which does not pass you more bill. And protect our beautiful planet, for our children and grandchildren.


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