Our Company

We are a group of experts in solar energy with extensive knowledge in photovoltaic and wind energy systems.

We take advantage of solar energy to provide energy solutions to our customers, always using technology, solar panels and equipment of the highest quality. Our photovoltaic systems comply with all official standards; We offer up to 10 years of manufacturer's warranty and up to 30 years of solar system life.

We are the only ones that guarantee the results in writing; Guaranteeing that you will get results immediately.
We use equipment from the leading manufacturers of the World Market.

An excellent investment

Photovoltaic solar systems have a rapid return on investment. A person or company can save millions of pesos in the first years.

Tax deductibles

Thanks to the fact that solar energy systems are 100% tax deductible, the return on investment is reduced. They are exempt from itbis and you can apply to recover up to 40% of your total investment in 3 years from the finance department.

Environmental impact

The use of solar energy is beneficial for the environment. For every solar panel used, CO2 emissions are reduced; It is as if for each solar panel we planted 9 adult trees or a sedan-type car will be taken out of circulation.

* Each kWh you consume pollutes the atmosphere with 0.458 kg * of carbon dioxide or CO2.
* Each year, a tree absorbs 25 kg of CO2. So if you are not planting trees to cover the CO2 that your CO2 consumption emits, you are participating in the massive deforestation.

To give you an idea, the increase of the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere grows the hole in the ozone layer and generates climate change and trigger natural catastrophes.

* For every 1,000 kWh you emit 458 kg of CO2. That is equivalent to participating in the cut of almost 19 trees.

An average home cuts about 95 trees each year. Now imagine the millions of households that are not reforesting.

Take care of the environment, with our solutions!



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