Benefits of Solar Energy

SOLARIUM ENERGY solar systems connected to the grid (on-grid) and isolated from the grid (off grid) are used as a means to generate electricity autonomously. These systems significantly reduce the emissions of polluting particles into the atmosphere such as sulfur, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, lead, etc. and also generate significant economic savings to the user.

SOLARIUM ENERGY solar systems are clean or non-polluting energies because they produce energy from renewable energy sources, unlike the generation of electricity from sources such as nuclear, coal and petroleum derivatives, in whose processes waste and by-products are generated highly polluting and harmful to the environment.

In account to the equipment that we installed, all comply with the highest quality available in the market, having as main objective the energetic saving, but at the same time we take care of the details of conservation of the beauty of the property, and the most important thing is that we do the process friendly with the client, always filling the expectations of the same, and with the best technical and customer service team in the market. We take care of the entire process, including the obtaining of permits required by the project until obtaining the non-payment of taxes, including the federal tax discount of 30% of the investment in solar energy.




Save with us $$$
Increase the value of your house or business
Reduce your electric bill
Get Benefits up to 30 years